Mr. Ramgopal Maheshwari – CEO

Welcome to Siyaram Impex Pvt. Ltd.,

Siyaram Impex, is a manufacturing company based in India, supplying various products to mining, plastic, sanitary and many other industries.

With over 35 years of experience in Metal Scrap, Siyaram Impex has decided to enter into manufacturing sector since 2007, where we would manufacture all Copper Alloy Ingots and Billets as required by the buyer.

Siyaram Impex Manufactures All kinds of Brass Plumbing & Sanitary Components and We have in – house extrusion plant where the end product quality is always guaranteed as the Components are Manufactured 100% From extruded rods.

We are also proud to announce Siyaram Impex as the largest manufacturer for Brass Ceramic cartridges in India. We use all CNC based machineries imported from Germany and China.

Siyaram Impex has expanded its horizon in international market like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, U.S.A and many more. The manufacturing unit has a area of 1,25,000 sq ft.

We believe the quality of products and support services provided at Siyaram Impex are our main advantages.