Free Cutting Brass Rod:

It is also known as leaded brass or free machining brass. Free cutting brass material is fair to excellent corrosion resistance, soldering & excellent machine ability. Manufactures of fastener, rivets, domestic appliances, automotive engineering parts, hose fitting, gear, nuts, keys, bearing cages, valve, lock bodies, auto parts, handles, architectural forgings, gun sights etc… Are the main users of free cutting brass extrusion rod.Free cutting brass extrusion rod is available as per standard like c345, C 353, CDA 36000, c3602, c3604, c385, cz131,cz124, cz121, en 12164 – cw606n, CW 603n,CW 614n, cuzn36pb2, cuzn39pb3 & cuzn36pb3.

Forging Quality Brass Rod:

This material is best for hot forging & pressing, it is fair to excellent corrosion resistance, workability. This material is best to manufacture furniture hardware, builders hardware, decorative knobs & handles, valve bodies, fuse bodies, valve components, architectural sections, extruded shapes etc.. Extrusion rod is available as per standard like – c377, c380, cz122, en 12165 – cw617n, cw612n, cuzn40pb2 & cuzn39pb2.

Lead Free Brass Rod:

It also called muntz metal. It is available in 63/37, 60/40 & 70/30. A ductile alloy is suitable for blanking, riveting, bending, hot forging & pressing.Lead free brass extrusion rod is use full for application like watch case, watch belts, heat exchanger shells, cold headed parts, brazing rod, pump cylinder liner, large nuts & bolts & door frames. Rod is available in accordance with C 272, C 280, cz108, cz109, cw508l, cw509l, cuzn37 & cuzn40.