We are recognized in the industry for trading and supplying an extensive range of Copper and Brass Industrial Rods.These rods are exclusively designed for ensuring safety of road constructions. Our reliable vendors conduct the entire production process in strict compliance with the industry standards and norms. Further, we are tested these roads with the help of our skilled quality inspectors. In addition to this, these products are highly demanded across the nations, owing to their qualitative features like cost effectiveness and are delivered in a timely manner. Also, these roads are tolerated at industry leading prices.

Brass/Copper Hollows rods

  • Siyaram Impex makes Hollow Rods in Round, Hex and Squares shapes which we can offer to our customers to reduce the production costs.
  • Much as hollow extrusions cost more per unit weight than solid bars, this is frequently offset by the saving in drilling and reduction of swarf. Using modern production techniques the eccentricity of hollows is minimal.
  • Outer Diameter Range: 22 mm to 75 mm
  • Inner Diameter Range: 12 mm to 40 mm
  • Minimum wall thickness: 4 mm on each side.

Brass/Copper Solid Rods

  • Apart from the good machinability, corrosion resistance and higher strength properties, brass rods have other added benefits over Stainless steel and Aluminum.
  • Some close tolerance components like cable glands can be as much as 33% cheaper than Aluminum or Stainless Steel. The swarf resulting from the machining of Brass rods will give fine small chips which are easier to clean and it reduces machine tool wear and use of lubrication whereas aluminum gives a constant build up of swarf when machining resulting in faster tool wear. Stainless steel components can be two to five times more expensive than identical items made in brass.
  • Brass Solid rods are an excellent replacement for plastic tap tops which are constantly susceptible to stress cracking and failure. The ease with which brass can be hot stamped, polished and plated means that modern designs of brass tap tops are available with lifetime expectancy equal to that of the tap.
  • Siyaram Impex makes Brass Extruded Rods in solid forms and in various shapes like Round, Hex and Squares which are available to suit a wide variety of engineering applications.
  • These bars are available in straight lengths ranging from 4 mm to 75mm Diameter.