Our Red Brass Metals Scrap have essential physical and chemical attributes. These Red Brass Metals Scrap are widely used in different industrial applications. Our scraps are widely used to manufacture various other products. It requires less energy when a product is to be manufactured from recycled scrap than from virgin metals.

Shall consist of red brass scrap, valves, machinery bearings and other machinery parts, including miscellaneous castings made of copper, tin, zinc, and/or lead. Should be free of semi-red brass castings (78% to 81% copper), railroad car boxes and other similar high-lead alloys, cocks and faucets, closed water meters, gates, pot pieces, ingots and burned bras, aluminum, silicon, and manganese bronzes, iron and non-metallics. No piece to measure more than 12″ over any one part or weigh over 100 lbs.


  • Red Brass Solids shall consist of red brass solids scrap and may consist of valves,machinery bearings and other red brass solids consisting primarily of copper with tin/zinc/lead alloys.